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Our fully constructed steel weighbridges not only look better and last longer, they’re also fast and easy to install.

Full constructed steel weighbridge platforms are considered to be the premium weighbridge solution.

Often used for heavy duty applications, such as mining, due to their ruggedness and reliability.

Side profile of our weighbridge platform.

However, we believe these attributes are important to any customer and that’s why we construct our entire weighbridge range with full steel platforms.

Our fully constructed steel platforms offer significant benefits when compared with concrete platforms:

  • Fast and easy to install – they can be installed in less than a day, so there is no need to wait for curing of concrete.
  • Fully relocatable – they can be removed and relocated more easily due to their modular design.
  • Long lasting – the rugged steel construction is more resilient and reliable.
  • Premium appearance – our streamlined, low profile platform design looks superior.
  • Cost effective – they require less civil works and minimal maintenance, making them a better investment over the medium to long term.

When the going gets tough, the tough use steel!

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