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We want to ensure that you choose a weighbridge that caters for your needs now and well into the future.

To help you choose the most suitable solution for your application please take the time to read through the following questions and answers. Please take the time explore full range of weighbridges and for more information call 1300 464 447 or complete our enquiry form.

Gendio provides three standard platform sizes to cater for most common truck types. In addition to these sizes we also provide custom weighbridges for larger trucks such as B-triples and road trains.

The type of weighing solution Gendio recommends will depend on the preferred location of your weighbridge.

If you own the property where it’s located then we would advise a standard installation, which would require a concrete foundation to be poured for our steel weighbridge platform to be placed upon.

However, if you don’t own your property or are operating in an environment which doesn’t permit the installation of a concrete foundation such as a forest, we would recommend our mobile weighbridge.

It’s worth noting however that even with our standard range, all of our steel weighbridges are fully relocatable and removable to any new location.

To buy or sell your product over a weighbridge, the weighbridge must meet National Measurement Institute (NMI) regulations. Gendio holds NMI licence SL-0344, which allows us to install and service weighbridges for trade measurement purposes throughout Australia. Private trade approved weighbridges must be tested and certified every 2 years by a service licensee.

If you wish to have your weighbridge available for PUBLIC USE, ie. be able to charge a third party for the use of your weighbridge, you must use a government approved weigh docket system and have your weighbridge tested & verified annually.

Multi axle vehicles can split weigh their loads, by weighing individual axle groups on a platform smaller than the vehicle they intend to weigh. The process can be used to capture a legal weight when no more than two weights are added together. The portion of the truck not supported by the platform must be on a level concrete surface.

When more than two weights are recorded the transaction becomes axle weighing, which is suitable for compliance use only, and not to be used for trade purposes. Click here to see a visual guide.

Gendio can also provide non-trade approved axle weigher systems to help prevent vehicle overload.

In most instances our customers have access to 240V power, however, it’s not essential as we have systems that can run off 12VDC-24VDC power supply. This system can be made completely independent through inclusion of a solar panel to charge the power supply.

Gendio offers a range of options for your weighbridge or weighing device, these accessories include: electronic indicators, remote displays, tally roll or slip printers and driver and product management software.

We offer you three installation options:

  1. Gendio Installed – We install the entire weighbridge including the platform, load cells and electronics kit;
  2. Gendio Supervised – We supervise installation of the platform, load cells and electronics kit;
  3. Self Installed – we provide you with all the necessary equipment and documentation to complete the whole installation independently. Of course we are always available by telephone should you need assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Gendio do not carry out the Civil Works for the concrete foundation. However, we do provide documentation to engage a qualified concrete contractor.

If you have components from a previous installation we may be able to use them in the new installation. This may include items such as electronic indicators or upgrading an analogue platform to a digital solution.

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