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Do you need to capture, manage and store your weighbridge transaction data?

Gendio can provide off-the-shelf and customised weighbridge software across a wide range of industries ranging from quarries to farming operations to transport companies.

Our software is developed in-house based on our years of industry experience in the weighbridge industry.


Managing your weighing transactions with ease.

Our software solutions can help you record, manage and store valuable weighing and product management data, but can also be fully integrated with our automated weighbridge solution, such as kiosk systems, vision systems and onsite surveillance systems.

Available Software Modules:

  • Basic weighing records.
  • Product management system.
  • Mass Management repository.
  • Online account management.
  • Remote site monitoring and control interfaces.

Key Software Benefits:

  • Eliminates manual processes.
  • Streamlines data entry and transactions
  • Improves product management.
  • Provides a secure transaction record.
  • Integrates with your accounting systems.
  • Improves mass management and compliance.

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