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45 Metre Weighbridge

Gendio’s 45 metre combination weighbridge is ideal for full truck weighing and axle weighing of larger trucks including rigid trucks, truck and dog configurations, semi-trailers, b-doubles and b-triples (road trains).

The weighbridge platform is fully constructed of galvanised steel and comes with with high quality German load cells and Rinstrum indicators.

Want a custom weighbridge? We can supply weighbridges in a variety of lengths and platform configurations, call 1300 464 447 or email us to confirm your requirements.

Model NumberGEN-45
Platform Configuration30m + 15m
Construction TypeHot dipped galvanised – with a silver Hi Build Marine Epoxy for extra protection.
Number of Load Cells10 + 6 load cells (16 total)
Number of Indicators2 x Rinstrum Indicators + summation indicator
Warranty5 years platform, 1 year technology

NOTE: Other configurations are available on request.


NOTE: Images indicative only. Configuration and accessories may vary based on installation type and site characteristics.

Weighbridge Accessories

  • Remote LED displays
  • Ticket printing systems
  • Safety guards & rails
  • Traffic light systems
  • Platform line marking

Weighbridge Upgrades

  • Handheld ticket systems
  • Boom gate control systems
  • Vehicle identification systems
  • Number plate recognition
  • RFID readers for vehicles

Weighbridge Software

  • Basic weighing records.
  • Product management system.
  • Mass management repository.
  • Online account management.
  • Remote site monitoring.

Weighbridge Automation

  • Self-serve kiosk and printer.
  • Vehicle identification system.
  • Surveillance cameras.
  • Account card system.
  • Cloud-based data storage.
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